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[Tap…Tap…Tap] Is This Thing On?

After a decade of blogging, I’m still amazed how one simple post can spin off new opportunities.
Back in November, I wrote about how I’m using my iPad Pro during oral arguments. As a direct result of that post, I was:
  • featured on iPhone JD (a site I highly recommend to anyone using iPhones or iPads in their law practices);
  • asked to turn the post into an article for the Texas Bar Journal; and
  • invited to speak to trial lawyers about going paperless at a traveling roadshow CLE.
More recently, legal tech consultant Brett Burney invited me to appear on his excellent new podcast, Apps in Law, to discuss iThoughts, the mindmapping app I mentioned in the post. I had heard Brett speak before and have a lot of respect for him, so I was happy to say yes.

The Podcast Experience

Doing a podcast was a lot of fun. Brett is in Ohio, and I’m in Texas, but technology and some relatively inexpensive equipment (mine is shown in the image above) enabled Brett to produce a recording that makes us sound almost like we’re in a recording studio together.
Anyone interested in checking out the episode can listen to it here.
To go deeper on iThoughts, take a look at Brett’s video review of the app, which covers many of the basic features and shows it in action. And if you’re a podcast fan interested in legal tech, you should subscribe to Apps in Law in iTunes or using one of the other methods shown on Brett’s site. Brett has had some excellent guests on the show, and they’ve talked about some of the apps I use every day. I’ve learned something new from each one.
D. Todd Smith
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D. Todd Smith is an Austin-based civil appellate specialist who works with trial teams from the earliest stages of litigation. In trial courts, he takes the lead on strategic analysis and briefing, jury charges, and potentially dispositive motions, all with a focus on preserving error and positioning cases for appellate review.

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